Zoo York Shoes – Variety and Style of Skate Shoes

Zoo York Shoes and sneakers, which initially came out in ’93, happen to be strongly influenced from the early 70’s style and philosophy of New York City’s graffiti art subculture. This ranges in addition to what’s today recognized as the “Zoo York” subculture. The company gears towards teens and young adults who have a strong attraction in the skate boarding scene. It markets skateboards, clothing, shoes and also accessories. This shoes and sneakers are owned by Marc Ecko, with head offices proudly located in the Flatiron area of New york city.

This shoes and sneakers are perfect for skateboarding. The shoes are built to meet the skate boarding demands. The shoes and sneakers are made of top quality components and can easily endure the most strenuous activities. Their designs are strongly influenced from the graffiti art culture. The tones are really never exaggerated as they are mainly white, black or grey. The colours are then highlighted by highly graphic graffiti designs. The shape of this shoes are straight-forward and purpose driven. They are available in lace-up and slip-ons. This shoes and sneakers likewise have basic security features to give skateboaders the utmost satisfaction in their movements. Meepo board

This creators are all skate boarding enthusiasts: Eli Morgan Gessner, Rodney Smith and Adam Schatz. The group pulls off the imagination from the New York City skateboarding, hip hop and graffiti scenes. The end result is culturally relevant items that truly reflect the dark and rough aspects of the New york city lifestyle. This is exemplified in the recent Zoo York skate shoes and sneakers range JAVITS. The shape is streamlined to perfectly fit its skateboarding requirements yet light-weight. The colour is subdued – full white together with black decorations. The prints are all artwork inspired by the graffiti art scene and marked by the bold, stylized Zoo York logo.

This shoes are now globally acknowledged as some of the leading skate boarding shoes. This shoes and sneakers have kept their East Coast mindset that have truly made them a hit among skateboarding fanatics all over the planet. Skateboarding enthusiasts consider that the Zoo York speaks the language that inspired the skate lifestyle. The brand is currently extending its reach in manufacturing a womens shoes line: Zoo York shoes for girls.

This shoes and sneakers are quite popular in the streets of NYC, the metropolis that highly influences their styles. They’ve been designed and developed as skate footwear with a New Yorker attitude. The prints are influenced by the New york city graffiti art scene, and the shapes and materials are purposely made for skate boarding. The creators of this shoes are all skate boarding enthusiasts on their own. The shoes are a manifestation of what’s referred to as the ZY State of Mind. This shoes and sneakers are offered in almost all skateboarding retailers but it is possible to look around and purchase on the internet.

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