What to Do With My Wedding Dress After the Big Day

Whether it’s inspired by Sleeping Beauty, fit for the Oscar style or all about fashion designs, most brides-to-be always think about what kind of wedding dresses suit them well. But few have spent time thinking about what they will do to that dress after the wedding day.

Finally, your big day comes to an end and your stunning bridal gown has been preserved forever along with your romantic memories. Look at the gorgeous wedding dress hanging over there, you may wonder how to deal with it. Most women may keep it as a family tradition and pass down to their future daughters, nieces, cousins or even their friends’ daughters. But there are a lot of things you can do to retool your gown.

Make Creative Things Out of Your Gown
If you are good at cutting and tailoring, there are lots of creative things you can do with the dress. You can make beautiful pillows out of your dress. You can even cut the fabric into patches to make a quilt. Or cut the bottom part of your gown and make it a shorter dress. If you wedding dress is a simple style, it will be easy for you to turn it into a special occasion dress by dying the white fabric. If you dress has lace, you can make a table cloth.

Other creative options out of your dress:
* A first communion dress
* A Christmas tree skirt
* A christening gown
* A skirt for a baby bassinet
* A lovely cloth doll dressed in a bridal gown
* Sachets for the drawers or closets
* A flower girl’s dress
* Small ornaments or jewelry bags from a piece of your dress
* Have dresses made for little Teddy bears as a keepsake

Sell Your Gown
In order to make enough room for clothes, some brides choose to sell their old wedding dress at a discount. Online auction sites like eBay, Amazon are out there for dealing with unwanted dresses. Brautkleid kaufen

Donate to Charity
Donate your dress to charity organizations that retool bridal gowns to benefit good causes. Brides Against Breast Cancer accepts used gowns and sells them for fundraising.

Trash Your Dress
A new trend of trash your dress has become popular these days. Destroy your wedding dress by jumping in ocean, a swimming pool, or roll around in dirt. It’s a special exercise in stress release. Take thousands of pictures as you ruin your gown and let your dress live on in these frolic photos.

Warning: If your wedding dress cost an arm and a leg, please confirm with your husband or best friends before you make this decision.

If you still have no idea about how to deal with your wedding dress, you’d better have it dry-cleaned and stored appropriately no more than 40 days after your wedding. Stains like sugar, makeup and dirt will set after 40 days. You can clean the dress firstly, and then decide to handle with your gown.

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