Want to Buy a Frieling French Press? Here is What You Need to Know

A Frieling French Press is considered to be one of the best French presses available on the market. It is not the most expensive model but it is well known for producing durable stylish French Presses. The models are sleek in design made from 18/10 (this is the thickness of the stainless steel) stainless steel and range is capacity from eleven ounces to forty two ounces. Prices range from fifty dollars to eighty dollars. hydraulic press machine

Brief History
These fine French Press machines are part of an entire line of coffee and tea accessories manufactured by Frieling since 1988. Through an alliance with European designers and manufacturers Frieling is able to bring state of the art culinary equipment to the States. The main purchaser of the French Press from Frieling was the hospitality industry, fine hotels and restaurant, as a testament to the durability, but the home consumer is catching on to the quality that is offered in these fine presses.

Why Frieling
Frieling uses 18/10 stainless on all the French presses that are manufactured. This 18/10 double walled construction keeps hot liquids hot and cold liquids cold. The carafe can be used to serve both hot and cold beverages. Each part of the press is made from the same stainless that the carafe is crafted from, 18/10 stainless steel. These French Presses are virtually indestructible unless treaty very badly. The design is simple with sleek clean lines.

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