Home Stager Training

Home stager training has become big business for educational institutions, since many people have embraced home staging as an ideal career path. After all, staging offers a wide variety of job options, the ability to make a very good living, the creativity of a design profession and also the benefit of helping people to achieve their property marketing aspirations. Learning to become a home stager is easier than ever before, as many training programs are now available in a range of formats and price points.

Online home stager training is by far the most common type of property staging course in today’s educational market. Many companies offer fully interactive curriculums which teach all the basics of the staging profession under the close tutelage of some of the best teachers in the industry. Online learning, also called distance learning, is fast, convenient and affordable, making it ideal for people who are restricted in their ability to attend traditional staging schools in person due to distance or time constraints.

Hands-on education is still offered in schools around the world. Many students prefer the direct contact environment and personal mentorship of human instructors in a classroom setting. Of course, there is simply no substitute for the actual design work which can be provided in a real world atmosphere, making staging schools the second most popular method of learning the foundation skills necessary to succeed in this competitive real estate subsector.

Mail order home study programs and internet based non-interactive courses are the least popular for very good reasons. These materials are simply pre-arranged guides which provide the most stripped down training possible. There is no teacher/student interaction and the material is rarely updated as often as change in the industry would suggest. I rarely recommend this type of training, nor do I feel will it provide enough skills to actually get you established in a real staging career. become a certified home stager

However, there are still more approaches to home stager training utilized by many students successfully throughout the world. Internships in large staging firms are often granted to talented prospects. On-the-job study is perhaps the very best method of learning a trade, since the student actually works day to day with professionals in actual client scenarios. This is a fantastic training opportunity and if you qualify, I highly recommend the experience, regardless of a low scale of pay in the beginning.

Finally, some home stagers bypass the entire formal educational experience altogether and simply rely on pre-existing design skills which were natural born or learned in a related trade. For example, I worked in interior design and developed the skills of window dressing, carpentry, upholstery and design placement. I also worked in the floral decorating arena for more than a decade and learned much about using natural materials and botanicals to enhance interior spaces and landscaping principles to address exterior aesthetics. These are the skills I bring to the table in my own staging practice. They have served me well and I know of many other successful stagers who have passed on the chance to take “modern” formal stager training, since they have already been working in the industry for many years. However, for beginners, I always recommend learning as much as possible. The number and quality of the skills you bring to your new career will help you to get your first job and also provide you with the staying power to consistently perform to the highest customer expectations.

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