Best Hosting Service-The Selection Process

Looking for the best hosting service provider may sometimes seem not viable.  Consider the numerous companies claiming they offer the best service at the cheapest rates possible.  How can one tell which ones are for real?  It takes a thorough research to come up with a final decision.  Below are the steps in selecting the best hosting service provider in the market:

Assess Your Needs

The most important step in the selection process is the assessment of your needs.  Take some time to think about the type of websites you are planning to host.  Company websites’ hosting needs are far different from a personal one.  Also, take into consideration the kinds of website you may plan to host in the future.  Of course, you would not want to have limited options for a growing business.


Different companies offer a range of prices.  Those with dedicated servers are more expensive than the ones who offer budget hosting but with limited bandwidth.  Businesses from overseas offer temptingly cheap prices.  But, there are a lot of factors to be considered other than rates.  If you are planning to use your website for a business, then a free web hosting service may not be suitable for you.  The free ones are mostly for fun sites and family use.  The rate is the last factor to be considered in the selection process.  Quality, reliability and speed are more important that its price.

Reliability and Speed

Speed is an important factor to be considered in selecting a provider.  Most hosting companies offer an uptime of 99% or better.  A slow website will leave a bad impression on its visitors.  Therefore, we must tie up with a reliable and fast web hosting provider only. how to start a blog

Data Transfer and Disk Space

Bandwidth requirements depend on your website.  Hosting providers are being billed for bandwidth.  For that same reason, providers also charge for the amount of data transferred.  Also, make sure that there is enough disk space reserved for future use.  3GB is more than enough for most websites.

Technical Support

Before making a final decision, take time to check on the provider’s support availability.  It is very important that you are able to contact your hosting provider whenever needed.  It may be a wise decision to go for a company who can provide you support 24/7.

Scripts and Special Features

The best hosting service provider should be able to meet your needs.  It should have the capacity for various scripts.  Also, its email addresses must be standard.  Also make it appoint to check if the provider’s other features such as secure servers and shopping carts are standard or are available.

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