Basic Surgical Instrument Information

The rinsing and soaking of stainless steel instruments with saline may ruin the surgical instruments. The majority of medical instrument companies make clear in their warranties, “the soaking/use of saline will void the warranty”. Clinically use saline as directed, however eliminate any and all contact with saline in the instrument cleaning process for your surgical equipment. liposuction cannulas

Bariatric Surgical Instruments:
The handling, inspection and care of Bariatric Instruments are exactly the same as with standard instruments. The box lock area and the jaws are key points of inspection. The only significant difference pertaining to Bariatric Instruments is the overall length of the surgical instruments.

Instrument Stringers allow for:
– Safer handling of surgical instruments
– Quicker set-up of sterile field
– Ratchets to stay open during sterilization
– Proper organization of the tray assembly process

Instruments stingers have varouse widths and lengths. The most common width is 2.5” with the most common length being 10 in. There are different closure systems to choose from and you select the size.

Surgical instrument repair tags
The sterile processing department and the operating room uses repair tags on surgical tools for best communication on the condition of the medical equipment between the two of them. Prior to sterilization its best to place 3-5 tags on each medical instrument set to be available on the sterile field. Once a dull or damaged surgical equipment or forceps is discovered during the process, a sterile repair tags can then be placed on the medical instrument. This method precisely figures out a way to find a defective medical instrument and avoids unnecessary repairs.

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